Electrical Services, Jacksonville Florida

Electrical Services, Jacksonville Florida

Our electricians provide affordable electrical services for residential and commercial. For home owners our priority is to ensure family safety and efficiency. For business owners our priority is to keep all your electric wiring above required standards and operating as efficient as possible.



Electric vehicles are the way of the future. We are one step ahead from Charge Point to Tesla. Providing local dealerships and offices with service.

At Integrity First Electric we have extensive experience involving the new construction and retrofitting of commercial enterprises. We focus on providing high quality electrical work, on-time and on-budget, allowing your business to move forward according to plan.

New Construction
Building a new construction site for a business is a very big step. As your business grows it is essential that your new building is ready for you on time, and the best way to ensure that this happens is to incorporate electrical services into the building design from the very start of the project. At Integrity First Electric, we understand that different businesses have different needs, whether your business is in the Greater Jacksonville area or at the Beaches, and we are able to work and provide you with a detailed layout that is suited to your company and your personal needs, whether they are commercial, or retail oriented.

Retrofitting is a great energy saving solution to help your company cut costs. An electrical retrofit can cut your company’s monthly electric costs by 40%!Retrofitting involves the updating of outdated and environmentally harmful lighting fixtures and devices, therefore maximizing aesthetic appeal while keeping your workplace bright and your cost’s low. There are many benefits to retrofitting your corporate space, including financial, environmental and aesthetic reasons. New LED lights use less electricity and last longer than standard bulbs, meaning they require less replacement cost down the road and are going to remain much brighter than standard bulbs will for a long period of time.

It is important to find quality and trustworthy contractors that won’t hold up or slow down your business plan.

At Integrity First Electric we understand the importance of staying on schedule and budget to ensure your company continues to move forward with your growth. An expanding business is a good thing! At integrity First Electric we ensure that the electrical aspects of the process are entirely hassle-free. There is a lot at stake during a commercial build out, and it is important that electrical experts are involved in the planning from the very beginning to prevent delay down the road. Contractors are able to design layouts that suit your aesthetic desires, but electrical functionality is a necessity to a productive workplace. Contact us today to discuss your business expansion plans and we can discuss what Integrity First Electric can do for you.

One of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to protect your employees and keep your business safe is by keeping it well-lit at all times. Security lighting deters criminals by causing them to question if someone else can see them, often making them feel insecure. A crime is much more likely occur in an area that is offered the cover of darkness.

It is not always practical nor economical to leave lights on continually at a business. Motion detection systems are great for this purpose. These lights activate when they detect foreign movement causing any unauthorized persons to feel that they are being watched. Shielded, medium intensity light is often the most ideal for outdoor lighting. There are several different options in outdoor lighting, including Incandescent, High Intensity Discharge (HID), and Halogen lights. When installing outdoor lighting it is important to contact a professional electrician, especially in regards to ideal positioning.

Low Voltage at the Worksite

Low voltage lighting is a popular inexpensive lighting option that has been used in outdoor lighting for over 80 years! Low Voltage lights offer a higher illumination level than solar lights can, while costing a great deal less than line voltage lighting does. On average, a low voltage bulb can last 10,000 hours, making it a reliable option for businesses to pursue.

Many businesses in Jacksonville choose low voltage lighting for their extensive safety benefits. By lasting longer than other types of lighting options your clients and employees are less likely to be caught in the dark due to a burnt out bulb. For this reason, low voltage lights are great for small dark areas like closets, and also staircases. Also, unlike traditional lighting options low voltage lights pose less of a risk of harmful incident due to electrical shock. The maximum shock that a low voltage light will conduct is 12 volts, which is neither life threatening nor harmful to children nor small animals.

Low Voltage lights boast many different design options and are even able to be fixed to a timer for additional savings!

If you are interested in incorporating low voltage lights into your business site contact Integrity First Electric today to discuss the different options that we have available.

Most business properties throughout many different industries are filled with state of the art machinery worth thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, the investment of top-of-the-line appliances and electronics in your office may actually increase the risk of fire at your work-place. Whether your business is located within an office or at a warehouse— out-dated wiring may cause your new machinery to overpower the electrical system, which could lead to an electrical fire.

Fire is hard to predict, and the safest way to ensure that you, your employees, and your business equipment is safe is to install fire alarm systems throughout your commercial property. Fire alarm systems are available at a variety of different response and detection levels. While certain fire alarms are programmed to simply detect smoke, therefore notifying surrounding employees that a fire has already begun, more advanced fire alarm systems are available to detect surges in heat before a fire causes any damage. Depending on the size of your business, this type of fire alarm could save lives, not to mention thousands of dollars in lost equipment and time out of work. The only way to know what kind of fire alarm is best for your business is to hire a professional to evaluate the premises of your business property. Make sure that your entire commercial property is protected in the case of fire by programming a system to alarm you whether you are at work, at home, or out of town. The first sign of spark or smoke is not the time to start considering a fire alarm system for your business. If you are a business owner in Greater Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beachor Ponte Vedra and are interested in the installation of a fire alarm at your work-place, contact us today for a commercial property evaluation.

When developing a commercial site lighting system there are several important factors to consider, mainly cost, efficiency, and functionality. Proper lighting to your commercial site is crucial for safety of both your clients and employees, and also plays a large role in the aesthetic appeal of your corporation. In order to maximize your lighting capacity without the overuse of lighting fixtures it is important to consult a professional for the placement and branding of your commercial site lighting.

Outdoor Site Lighting Systems

A highly lit parking lot or other outdoor landscape area is necessary for the safety of your clients, as well as to your business property. Dark, unlit regions are often subject to crime such as vandalism and theft. Protect your company, as well as your employees and clients by adding site lighting to your outdoor parking space. As a general rule, the taller the light pole, the more area the light will cover. Many areas are subject to energy codes that put a maximum limit on the amount of lighting you can put up surrounding your property. For this reason it is important to have a professional find the ideal placement of lighting fixtures around your property, allowing you to have optimal lighting with the least amount of additional fixtures.

Indoor Site Lighting Systems

When placing lighting systems inside of your business property, it is important to find an aesthetic balance of functionality and efficiency that properly accents the architectural aspects of your commercial building. Much like outdoor site lighting, it is best to find optimal placement for lighting fixtures indoors as well. This reduces energy costs and prevents light pollution while providing a safe and secure workplace for your clients and employees to work within. In most cases all areas of the business property do not require the same amount of lighting. A professional evaluation of your business premises will determine the level of lighting needed in different areas of your property.

At Integrity First Electric we are ready to meet all of your commercial needs by keeping you connected and ahead of the competition with structural wiring for your business space. Structural wiring is the technological foundation of your business, and as such it is an important step on the way to commercial success. Proper electrical wiring will provide your company with access to video, voice, and data communications between hundreds of different technological applications.

Whether your business is in greater Jacksonville, Jax Beach, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach or Ponte Vedra, don’t let your company become disconnected, have Integrity First Electric equip your company with structural wiring and stay a step ahead of your competition. Communication and connection is crucial to every business, and the only way to ensure that your structural wiring is good enough to keep up with your company is to have it professionally installed.



Looking to invest in a new electric vehicle? Golf cart or car? We have what you need. Home charging stations are on the rise and we are certified and experienced at assessing what you need to make sure your electric vehicle has the power to keep you on the go.

Whether you live in Jacksonville or our Beaches Communities, and you are building a new construction home or remodeling your existing layout, incorporating electrical services early on during the construction process is the best way to ensure safety in your new home.

A poor rewire will damage your electronics, appliances, and even your home if you are not careful! At Integrity First Electric we can ensure high quality wiring that will keep you and your family powered for years to come.

As your family grows overtime it often happens that so must your home! While your home expands it is crucial that your electrical wiring layout does too. Improper and out of date wires are a huge fire hazard. At Integrity First Electric we are able to easily evaluate your home’s needs as it grows to ensure safety and convenience long into the future.

For many, expanding the home you currently live in is a much more appealing option than picking up and moving. Basements, attics and garages all offer great available space that, with a little work, can make a great additional bedroom or bathroom. For those that don’t have the option of an attic or basement, or prefer to leave the garage for the cars, a new addition is often the way to go. With any of these options it is important to have an electrical contractor evaluate the new space and ensure that there are no risks that need to be addressed before it is occupied.

Whether you live in the Greater Jacksonville area, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach or Ponte Vedra, your home’s electrical wiring is tailored to the way your home is now, and may not be ready for an expansion as is. For this reason, it is very likely that you will need updated or additional wiring in order to power the expansion of your house to the level and fashion that it requires.

Contact us today and we can discuss the best wiring options suited for your home’s needs.

Do your lights flicker on and off? Are tripped circuit breakers a frequent frustration? These are the signs that your service panel is in desperate need of an upgrade. This is especially true if you are considering any sort of addition or remodel to your home.

Many homes in Greater Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and Ponte Vedra, especially homes over ten years old, often have outdated amp electrical services that may be overworked with your home as it is now. Adding additional space to your home without updating the wiring could cause severe electrical issues and even increase fire risk if not addressed early on. Just 30 years ago, the average house was equipped with 60 amp electrical service, and ten years later that level increased to 100 amps. Many houses built during this time still have electrical service levels in this range, despite the fact that new homes are often now equipped with 200 amps electrical service levels! Due to this, many homes lack the proper level of electrical service that your appliances and lifestyle warrant. Older homes were built with the refrigerator and water heater as the largest strains on the electrical system. Now, especially in Jacksonville, Florida, air conditioning units use more electricity than entire households used to! These outdated service panels often ultimately lead to increased power outages and brown-outs that can cause damage to your modern electrical devices, such as your television or computer, and can even cause more serious harm to your home in the case of an electrical fire. If you are considering an expansion, or are concerned that your service panel is out of date, contact us to discuss upgrade options and ensure safety and enjoyment in your home for you and your family.

Here in Jacksonville, Florida, we benefit from having beautiful weather nearly year round. Take advantage of the sun and seabreeze and start enjoying the space available to you right in your own backyard! Installing an outdoor kitchen is a great way to pull your family together and enjoy a new facet of your home.

The most important factor in the placement of an outdoor kitchen is utility access. In many cases your home’s existing water and drainage systems are going to need to be re-worked to incorporate the new outside addition. An ideal placement for your outdoor kitchen will involve the least amount of movement of your existing utilities, saving you money and the hassle of a more in-depth remodel. A professional evaluation of your living space will be able to help you determine the best placement for your outdoor kitchen. After deciding on placement, the next big decision you are going to need to make is whether your kitchen is going to be equipped with gas or if you are going to pursue electric options. This is a big decision, and one that you should really consult a professional about to determine which option best fits with your needs and desires. Proper wiring for your outdoor kitchen is crucial to your family’s safety. Your new addition is going to be exposed to all levels and aspects of the elements: rain, wind, extreme heat and freeze, and don’t forget about hurricanes! Don’t get stuck re-doing your outdoor kitchen after the first big storm to come our way. Make sure that your wiring is done correctly the first time by hiring a professional electrician from Integrity First Electric. If you live in Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach or Ponte Vedra and are interested in installing an outdoor kitchen in your backyard contact us today.

Low Voltage at Home

When looking for lighting options to light your home it is important to find a lighting source that will produce maximum light at a high efficiency and functionality. If you have children or small animals at or around your home, it is also important to consider the safety risk involved with the placement and type of lighting, especially for outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Low Voltage Lighting

Low voltage lights are highly efficient and safe. Low voltage lights work by plugging a transformer into a grounded outdoor power receptacle that alters the voltage output from a standard level of about 110 volts to a low voltage level output of about 12 volts. There are several benefits to this reduction. First, this means low voltage lights are highly efficient, which cuts down energy usage and reduces your monthly electric bill. Second, if your child was to come into contact with the outdoor lights while playing in your yard they will not experience any sort of extreme shock. These benefits make low voltage lights a top choice in outdoor lighting among many homeowners. There are many uses for outdoor low voltage lighting, such as: a tree or garden

  • Outline a driveway
  • Highlight fences, steps or porches

Indoor Low Voltage Lighting

While many people choose to put low voltage lighting on the outside of their home, low voltage lighting is often also beneficial within the home. Low voltage lighting is great for indoor areas that do not gain much natural light exposure, such as stairwells and closets. As low voltage lights withstand natural elements, it is much better than other sources of lighting, many homeowners in Jacksonville choose to use them in less insulated parts of their homes, such as the basement, attic, or shed.*

Power surges and spikes are a real concern that can happen at any time, potentially causing a long list of damage to your home and your favorite high-tech gadgets. Chances are you spent a pretty-penny on your new flat screen TV. Protect your investment by installing whole-house surge protection and ensure that your new TV is safe on the wall for years
to come.

Power surges are a quick and intense increase in the voltage level being put out by the electrical current that provides energy to your home. While many surges go unnoticed and are over within a fraction of a second, they hold the potential to cause a great deal of harm to any electronic device or appliance. While power surges are most common in overworked and outdated electrical systems, all homes are at risk for their disturbance.

If your devices have surge protection connected to them, any voltage spike that would be capable of damaging them will first be sent through the surge protector, and your device will remain protected. This simple form of protection could save you hundreds of dollars in replaced electronics
over time.

At Integrity First Electric, we can protect your home by installing a filter to your electrical meter to protect all of the large appliances as well as the sensitive electronics throughout your home. We can also install smaller surge protectors throughout your home to protect specific electronics, such as your computer and television. This form of protection is ideal, as it reduces harmful surges before they begin to travel through your home and into your different electronic devices, essentially stopping the problem before it starts.

If you are concerned that your home appliances may be at risk, contact us today about installing your household with complete home
surge protection.

Simply by living in Florida, chances are you already know the importance of having a back-up generator for your private home usage.

When a hurricane hits, especially for people and businesses that are located in Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and Ponte Vedra, you may be out of electrical power for several days, or even several weeks. A generator can help make your family’s life much easier by running certain appliances, such as your refrigerator and basic lighting while the power is out for extended periods of time. Generators are your back up supply of power. For this reason, it is crucial that when the time comes for the generator to work, it works correctly. Make sure that your family is ready for hurricane season by having a professional install your generator. Knowing that you had a professional install this important piece of machinery on your property will give you the reassurance necessary to know that your family will have electricity available to power refrigerators and freezers as well as provide hot water for showers during a power outage. There are many different varieties of generators, most ranging in different sizes and levels of voltage support. While smaller, portable generators may appear convenient for quick usage after a storm, many only last several hours before losing power. Larger generators are able to run for longer periods of time. The best way to determine what type of generator is most beneficial for your family is to contact a professional to evaluate the size and voltage that would best suit your home. Hurricanes are stressful enough, don’t add to your worry; contact Integrity First Electric to have your generator installed before it is too late and you get caught in the dark!

The only way to ensure that your home is safe with up-to-date electrical wiring is with a full electrical system evaluation. Modern technology and updated appliances make contemporary wiring requirements crucial. Even if your homes electricity is acting fine at the moment, it may only be a matter of time before the outdated wires become overworked and begin to break down, posing a threat to your entire family and household.

Outdated wires can cause severe problems and heartache if not addressed early-on. Integrity First Electric offers a free assessment to evaluate your home’s electrical system. Our electricians will determine if old wiring poses a risk in your household, and we are available to provide the assistance you need to update your electrical system with little inconvenience to you. Remember, outdated wiring is a huge fire risk, and a simple assessment by Integrity First Electric can make all the difference between heart ache and relief. An in-home electrical system evaluation includes:

  • Inspection of the in-home electrical wiring system
  • Consultation and recommendation of wiring options
  • Evaluation of the existing electrical system
  • Electrical layout and design
  • Removal of outdated wireless systems
  • Extensive re-wiring of the entire household
  • Compliance to modern electrical codes

These measures ensure safety and promote a sense of ease in your household. Outdated wires can short or spark and are potentially a huge fire risk within the walls of your own home. Schedule an assessment, and we will be able to determine if your home is a safe place to be, or if you are in need of updated wiring.